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Software Route is and IBM Software Group business partner who is focused  on “OEMing” (ASL in IBM terms) of IBM software products and solutions. We focus on providing our customers the most suitable IBM Software components, products or solutions and with business models to support their solutions. By OEMing IBM software cost reduction and faster time to market can be better reached. We provide a professional, reliable, personal, ongoing and direct relationship for establishing and maintaining OEM relationships


​When you want to build a comprehensive solution for serving your added value to your costumers, you should find the way to invest your effort in your added value.

With OEMing model you can combine IBM's software products into your solution, which give you to enjoy IBM's expertise and branding, reduce TTM, reduce development cost, and the most important thing, FOCUS on your added value.

Contact Us:

Phone: 03-5324663

Mobile: 054-5379335


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